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Stress and strain were calculated by dividing the measured force by the loading area and by dividing the sinkage by the initial height of the sample, respectively.
Georgia Power engineers have filled prior sinkholes with rock and aggregate material and plan similar measures with the present sinkage.
The building he has used was damaged during the sinkage of Hollywood Boulevard, he said.
There has also been considerable deformation of the sidewalks and curb and gutter due to adverse tree root impacts and overall sinkage.
At a time when Lankershim Boulevard has been plagued by troubles, including possible ground sinkage and loss of business related to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's subway tunneling, business owners said the festival is a welcome diversion.
To solve the sinkage problem, Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said the agency will have to pump chemical grout into the sandy soils of North Hollywood.
He added that the sinkage resulted from the large quantities of water that had to be pumped out of the ground before construction could begin.
MTA officials still claim that a faulty rain downspout on a neighboring store caused the soil under the nightclub to erode, and that the sinkage was not the result of the tunneling work.
Workers have pumped grout into the ground to stop the sinkage - which has reached a low point of about three inches along the southern shoulder, MTA officials said.