single essence

single essence,

n the essence of a single plant or gemstone contained in a bottle.
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Previous scholars such as Freud, James, Durkheim, and Maslow did not successfully identify the essence of religion as fear of death, mysticism, sacredness, communal bonding, magic, or peak experiences because religion has no single essence.
There is one single essence that underlies all objects and all phenomena.
These are three different ways of saying that a concept does not have to be defined in terms of a single essence.
Metempsychosis is the transmigration of the soul from one animal to another, and odd as the question seems in thinking about the South African artist William Kentridge, it has a curious resonance with this survey, recently on view in San Francisco, precisely because there is a single essence that inhabits his every theme and leap from medium to medium--whether drawing, animation, installation, sculpture, or opera--and that is the ruthlessness, or should I say the wolf, of change.
This is the single essence used to treat anyone in the initial stages of grief.
Whether or not being is in the essence of all things, if nonetheless there is one single thing whose essence consists in being itself--an Idea of being--then being must be understood as a single essence.
It seems obvious that there cannot be any one thing, or single essence, that could possibly serve to define something as complex, multifarious, and perhaps even paradoxical as "modernity.
political participation and self-determination, the recognition and acceptance of human plurality, and a positive value on creativity and spontaneous activity; for Walicki, a central communist failure was to reduce human beings to a single essence or nature, and not to conceptualize them as individual human beings who have differing identities, concerns, and goals.
Since all religions appear as exempla of this single essence, inevitably similarities shared by religions are emphasized at the expense of the differences which separate them - differences which may be of great theological interest.
After a detailed review of the organizational history of the Palestinian movement in which the author focuses on the trajectories of the various political organizations and processes of its constituent parts, Wieviorka comes to the not so surprising conclusion that it is difficult to, "distill the Palestinian practice of terrorism down to a single essence or to quality the Palestinian movement, once and for aH, as a terrorist movement" (p.
In Philosophical Investigations, published posthumously in 1953, he contends that language has no single essence or theoretical model and no simple deductive logical form progressing from propositions to names; rather, the study of the structure of language shifted to its actual use.
He suggests that words like "government" have no single essence but instead many features, some of which may be important in one case and others important in another.
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