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Ralph Martin's book is a powerful one, and a timely reminder in many ways of human sinfulness and the healing power of the Gospel.
Groaning of the earth community in the prophetic books is, therefore, a counter argument exposing the sinfulness and injustice inherent in the human projects of conquest and accumulation.
Today we think of our sins and of the sinfulness of our world.
The Body of Christ is not just a body that exists at any one time; it exists across history and we therefore share the shame and the sinfulness of our predecessors," said Williams.
The natural disasters, and those flowing from human sinfulness, which occur on our Earth can be better understood in the light of the teachings of Scripture.
But that is what I take to be the center of John Howard Yoder's "politics" and, in particular, how he taught us to see how the acknowledgement of the sinfulness of the church is crucial for understanding the "politics of the church.
Yet, on other matters of fundamental importance to communities of color such as affirmative action and welfare rights that relate to education, jobs, health, hunger, poverty and homelessness, the Christian Coalition (and the Christian Right in general) is firmly in the conservative boot-camp, which preaches that individuals' negative economic situations stem from their own laziness or sinfulness, not systemic causes.
Some make egregious slurs against homosexuals; others advocate the violent polemics of fundamentalist Islam and proclaim the supposed sinfulness of voting for man-made law.
Only when we, like the psalmist, confess this sinfulness can we ask for healing, so that we may practice the mercy and love of God: "Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in the way.
Read about Lord Carey's life in Wales in The Western Mail on Monday Understanding of sinfulness goes right to the heart': Now Baron Carey of Clifton, George Leonard Carey was the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury and led the Church of England from 1991-2002.
Thus, the sinfulness of extending the day into night was a disincentive for innovation.
Darkness Visible explores the difficulties of judgement in moral matters; the extremes of behaviour of which men are capable, their paradoxical saintliness and sinfulness, and the conflict that goes on within the human soul, the result of which determines whether a man is to be saved or damned (Friedman 11).