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, simillimum (si-mil'i-mŭm),
In homeopathy, the remedy indicated in a certain case because the same drug, when given to a healthy person, will produce the symptom complex most nearly approaching that of the disease in question.
[L. simillimus, most like, superl. of similis, like]


/si·mil·li·mum/ (sĭ-mil´ĭ-mum) [L.] the homeopathic remedy that most exactly reproduces the symptoms of any disease.

simillimum (si·milˑ·l·mm),

n the homeopathic remedy that produces the set of symptoms most like that which the disease produces; ideally exactly congruent. See also clinical picture, drug picture, and symptoms, totality of.
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Psilotrema spiculigerum Psilotrema simillimum Hydatigera taeniaeformis, larvae Plagiorchis elegans 2007 22 Echinostoma sp.
He thus latches onto a conceit similar (but not identical) to Seneca's formulation, funus simillimum triumpho: (19)
The simillimum provides the stimulus for a process that begins to unfold in an organic way.
subtilissimas tenuissimus X Pseudomyrmex pallens X Pseudomvrmex boopis X Solenopsis picea X X Solenopsis laeviceps X Solenopsis decipiens X Solenopsis geminata X X Tetramorium simillimum X Tabla 7.
De Stilo: certum, et veterum exemplo testatum est, simplicem eum esse debere, sine cura, sine cultu; simillimum cottidiano sermoni.
Romanus vel Romani stili peritus, For he, or any ancient Roman, or ut iurisconsultor praecipue, vel any man learned in the Roman quisquis ille phantasticus literary style, as a jurisconsult Tullianis lectionibus assuetus, in particular would be--or whoever simillimum orationis genus that fantasist, immersed in effingere.
Thus, with many provers a medicine can acquire a wide spectrum of symptoms, even of contrary ones, and during a cure only the simillimum signal is selected for action by a living organism.
He argues that proving data is often unreliable-it only constitutes a part of what goes into understanding a materia medica remedy profile and thus a simillimum.
7 * 5 0 Strumigenys trieces (Brown, 1960) 1 0 Temnothorax subditivus (Wheeler, 1903) 0 0 Tetramorium bicarinatum (Nylander, 1846) 0 147 Tetramorium simillimum (F.
Accedebat ad hanc mortem, quam ille pro re publica obierat, ingens civium provincia-rumque et totius Italiae desiderium, per quam effusis in officium lugubre municipiis coloniisque usque in urbem ductum erat funus triumpho simillimum.
UK) Simillimum Welfare Society, 120/5, Tallital Bazar, Nainital--263002, INDIA.