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A synthetic or ‘designer’ drug of abuse first developed as a short acting anesthetic; CW is an opioid 1,000 times more potent than morphine, and an analogue of MPPP, a neurotoxin that destroys dopaminergic neurons, resulting in severe, irreversible, progressive parkinsonism
Desired effects Rapid pain relief, euphoria
Adverse effects Parkinsonism, slowed speech, impaired gait, muscle spasms, respiratory depression; spasms of intercostal muscles may cause death
Withdrawal symptoms Similar to heroin
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Silver white teeth are the latest thing, Ladies Day at Aintree is my favourite thing.
Use the shimmering silver white all over the lid and then work the smouldering black shadow among the lash line and up into the socket for full-on fabulous glamour.
The Huawei U636 is a clamshell style and is available in blue, red and silver white.
He wears a stylish black suit contrasting with silver white hair, and dances in an expressive yet unembarrassing manner not inappropriate to a man of his years.
The fairies are adorned in large-petaled tutus in English country-garden colors, and Titania, in her silver white bobbed wig, sports two huge "donkey-ear" wings, all designed by Nixon.
Silver white, grey, light blue, soft turquoise, and pale greenish yellow would suit the trend according to Weber.
The new generation of high-quality pearlescent pigments for a richly varied range of colors from silver white to all the colors of the rainbow.
Not one but two women wearing silver white evening dresses pose on each side of the car.
Varieties include: Nichol's Silverskin, Silver White, and Nootka Rose.
With his perennial grin and shock of silver white hair, he exudes confidence from every pore and is no stranger to overcoming adversity.
Elton was an hour late but thrilled a 2,000-strong crowd outside London's Hammersmith Palais with his Marie Antoinette-style outfit and silver white wig, topped by a model of a galleon ship.
You will have to write at the base and on the inside of the bottom ring in small letters painted with an oil-painting brush in silver white color, the inscription that I will give you after this, and you will sign it in the same hand as follows: