silver halide

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silver halide

The photosensitive crystals in a radiographic film emulsion that, when exposed to ionizing radiation and developed, form an image.
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1. a chemical element, atomic number 47, atomic weight 107.870, symbol Ag. See Table 6. It is used in medicine for its caustic, astringent and antiseptic effects. Experimental poisoning with silver salts causes myopathy.
2. a coat color in dogs, foxes.

silver amalgam
see amalgam.
silver collie syndrome
see canine cyclic hematopoiesis.
silver grass
silver halide
any of the silver salts with halogens including bromine, chlorine, iodine used in photographic emulsion.
silver iodide
soluble silver salt used in cloud seeding but presents no toxicological risk to local grazing cattle.
silver-leaf ironbark
silver-leafed nightshade
silver nitrate
colorless or white crystals, used as a caustic and local anti-infective.
silver nitrate (toughened)
a mixture of silver nitrate with hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride or potassium nitrate, occurring as white crystalline masses molded into pencils or cones, called caustic pencils; a convenient means of applying silver nitrate locally. Called also lunar caustic.
silver protein
silver made colloidal by the presence of, or combination with, protein; an active germicide with a local irritant and astringent effect.
silver stain
a method of demonstrating flagella on bacteria, or for visualizing very thin bacteria, such as leptospires.
silver sulfadiazine
the silver salt of sulfadiazine, having bactericidal activity against many gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, as well as being effective against yeasts; used as a topical anti-infective for the prevention and treatment of wound sepsis in patients with second and third degree burns.
silver weed
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that means developing digital technology as a means of enhancing the process of taking, manipulating and sharing images captured on silver halide film as well as an end in itself.
For the larger retailers, it's hard for them to leave silver halide due to a cost perspective.
According to Mr Park, the machine delivers very high quality and consistent holograms on silver halide film, and the company has recently developed a system (HDB1000) to handle one metre wide film in processed lengths of 1 m--ie one metre square holograms.
HoloTouch worked with Holographics North to create the prototype, a 5" x 5" 2D silver halide transmission hologram, but production versions will presumably be embossed.
Yves Gentet of the Art and Science Holography Atelier in Bordeaux, France, has introduced the latest version of his Ultimate silver halide hologram emulsion, U-04, on which he has demonstrated new levels of resolution, diffraction efficiency and colour accuracy.
Martha Stewart's Print Card: A 5 x 7" one-sided personalized holiday photo card printed on Kodak silver halide photographic paper featuring a photo.
Founded in 1997 as a packaging materials supplier, in 2011, led by its CEO Sung Chul Park, Hangyo started to research holography, and now has a substantial holography R&D commitment, which has included the development of silver halide film, plus automatic developer and bleaching equipment.
Image print technology now has two methods: Standard silver halide photographic prints, and ink jet prints.
He has developed the company's proprietary silver halide emulsion, which the company coats on to glass plates in-house.
Cameras have transitioned from silver halide to electronic sensors, but the other key component, lenses, has remained largely unchanged.
Lead article on Vol 7 No 3, was Agfa's price increase for its holographic silver halide film in the USA, as part of its plan to equalise prices worldwide.