silica gel

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sil·i·ca gel

a precipitated form of silicic acid, used for adsorption of various gases.

silica gel

a coagulated form of hydrated silica, used as an absorbent of gases and as a dehydrating agent.


silicon dioxide, a compound occurring naturally as quartz and in other forms. A common constituent of urinary calculi in agricultural animals, a rare occurrence in dogs.

silica calculi
see silica urolith.
silica gel
commonly used in the laboratory as a desiccant; has been used topically on dogs and cats for flea control.
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Complete dissolution of silica gel (>90%, which is within the limit of the analytical accuracy) was achieved with a ratio of 1 :200 and higher (Fig.
Development policies and plans for silica gel market are discussed as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures are also analyzed.
The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrum of PAN, silica gel, and PAN-silica gel AECFs were obtained using FTIR spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer, USA, model Spectrum-BX) in the original form by KBr disc method at room temperature.
In the last 6 months, preliminary metallurgical tests have been conducted by a clay processing engineer who found that the silica gel substance was easily removed by a simple, low-cost washing procedure that may become a proprietary technology.
2), was used as the bifunctional linker molecule to covalently graft lead thiolate complexes into the growing silica gel matrix.
Column chromatography of the active EtOAc extract on silica gel afforded seven sub-fractions (FrCl-7).
We placed some color-variable silica gel particles into the two different sols, then we removed them and let them dry at room temperature for one hour.
Silica gel (actually fine crystals), available at craft stores, can also be used to dry flowers.
AT some point, we've all bought shoes, so we know the little bag we must not take by mouth: ``Desiccant silica gel.
Only limited kinds of materials, such as bioglass, sintered hydroxyapatite, and silica gel are generally known to posses the ability to form bone like apatite in the body environment.
Thermal Ceramics, on Tebay Road,has devised a ``super'' insulation wool used in high temperature production processes in the iron, steel and glass industries The Liverpool Road Ineos Silicas plant developed a new way of showing the useful lifetime of silica gel used to absorb moisture in packaging.
Silica gel immobilizes the electrolyte inside the battery to deliver maximum cycle life.