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Any of a group of highly reactive hydrocarbons containing tetravalent silicon instead of carbon.
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Tables 2 and 3 summarize the amounts and chemical structures of silane agents used in this study.
The typical dilution used was nine parts of water to one part Silane (volume based), although varying dilutions can be used to achieve different degrees of water repellency.
We have been building the NXT silane technology platform for tyre performance improvement for more than a decade," said Mike Stout, Global Marketing Director, Tyre and Rubber, Momentive Performance Materials.
These investments in manufacturing capacity will enable us to bring innovative silane technologies and products to the industry more quickly and better serve our customers' growing need for these materials," said Rich Owins, global business director-silanes at Momentive.
The aim of his research with silanes for bonding rubber to metals was to find a silane process that could replace the brass coating on the steel cords, as the brass technology has several drawbacks, one of which is that brass-coated steel is sensitive to corrosion.
His classical synthesis of the bulky, thermosetting dimethacrylate, Bis-GMA, 2,2-bis[p(2'-hydroxy-3'-methacryloxypropoxyphenyl)]-propane, his preparation of silica fillers that combined translucency and radiopacity while matching the refractive indices of the resin matrix, and his utilization of the technology of silane coupling agents, ushered in the modern era of esthetic dental composites [11,12].
GE Advanced Materials, Wilton, CT, now offers NXT Low Vsilane, that can help reduce ethanol emissions by up to 70%, and NXT Ultra-LowV silane may help reduce these emissions by up to 90%, compared to polysulfide silanes.
The exact nature of the bond between the polymer surface and the silane will vary depending upon the formulation of the silane.
Dow Corning has introduced a new water-based silane adhesion promoter that simplifies the formulation of water-based inks, paint and coatings by eliminating the need to prehydrolyze the additive before mixing.
Hydrosilylation, which is the addition reaction of a hydride terminated silane compound to a multiple bond [4], has been recently investigated as a possible method for polymer functionalization in solution [5].
Momentive's Latest NXT Z* Silane Technology For Improved Tire Rolling Resistance and Wet Traction Performance Leads to Fuel Efficiency