sikor (sēˑ·kōr),

n a traditional preparation from Asia; relieves indigestion and acts as a tonic during pregnancy. The preparation contains concentrations of lead and arsenic and mercury, cadmium, and other potentially risky metals.
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As scholarship on resource access and governance as social and political processes mediated through institutionalized relationships of power and authority theorizes (Agrawal 2001, Ribot and Peluso 2003, Sikor and Lund 2009, Cleaver 2012, Pederson 2016), the nature of forest tenure is ultimately shaped by relationships between forest users and the institutional arrangements that enable and constrain forest resource access and use over time (Ribot and Peluso 2003, Larson 2011).
I've been around 53s for 22 years, and with the exception of picking up a brand new one from the Sikor sky factory--which doesn't exist anymore because the line is shut down--the validation CH-53E is the nicest one I've ever seen.
Yet the tablets, known as Sikor, could cause miscarriage and stillbirths, along with cancer, kidney and brain damage, Birmingham Magistrates Court heard in November last year.
Romania is one such country which has experienced the full impact of these drastic reforms (Swinnen, 1997; Szelenyi, 1998; Turnock, 1998; Sikor, 2003) which gave away the control over resources from the state and its collective units to private individuals (Swinnen et al.
E importante ressaltar que diversos autores ja realizaram esse esforco (Gomes e Rosenstein, 2000; Guzman Casado et ai, 2000; Hecht, 2002; Leff, 2002b; Norgaard e Sikor, 2002; Sevilla Guzman, 2002; Dalgaard et al, 2003; Gomes 2005; Rurz-Rosado, 2006; Sicard, 2009; Floriani e Floriani, 2010).
To accomplish this, Riau sponsored an irau (feast) and killed a domesticated deer (aya' payo) and several pigs to feed the workers who came and stayed for several days from his longhouse of Reked Kinangan and from the nearby Ionghouses of Pa' Nado, Liang Tuer, Pa' Sikor, Pa' Rupai, Buduk Tumuh, and Long Api.
For instance, in Hessonian dialects Schrrriere stehen 'to keep a lookout' comes from Hebrew smira 'guard'; schackern 'to flirt' comes from Hebrew sikor 'drunken'; and Ganove 'thief' comes from Hebrew ganav, with the same meaning, spread beyond local dialects and even into standard spoken German.
Researchers bought samples of clay - known as sikor - from eight ethnic shops around the country, including in Leicester, Birmingham and Luton.
Nine essays, presented by Sikor (development studies, U.
Professor Karol Sikor a said the next generation of drugs would keep people alive for longer but they were so expensive they could swallow half of the current NHS budget within four years.
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