signet ring

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sig·net ring

the early stage of trophozoite development of the malaria parasite in the red blood cell; the parasite cytoplasm stains blue around its circular margin, and the nucleus stains red in Romanowsky stains, whereas the central vacuole is clear, giving the anular appearance.
A term of art referring to a morphology which by microscopy or an imaging modality has an appearance not unlike that of a signet ring
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Det Con Iain Campbell, said: "The signet ring in particular is of sentimental value to the owner and cannot be replaced.
An ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirate yielded only a small sample containing atypical signet ring cells, which were not diagnostic but suspicious for malignancy.
The vacuolated signet ring areas showed some cytoplasmic clearing; however, these peculiar signet ring-like areas were primarily the result of accumulated flocculent extracellular matrix (histochemically acid mucosubstance).
Signet cell cancer of the colon is a rare subtype of colon cancer, where abundant intracytoplasmic mucin pushes the nucleus to the periphery giving a signet ring appearance.
Sir Alex Ferguson was denied the sort of 21st anniversary present that beats a signet ring or a strippagram from the lads.
There are several histologic variants of follicular lymphoma: signet ring cell type, plasmacytoid type, marginal zone type, floral variant with amorphous extracellular material, and diffuse type.
Whether this takes the form of very noticeable statement emerald-cut earrings - now for so many men so fashionable to wear as an unapologetic pair - or a discreet sparkle-flash on an oval signet ring, diamonds are the premier choice, spelling a tangible masculinity.
Crime scene detectives found a number of items with the skeleton: a dime or ten cent piece minted in 1968, a Bulova watch, a gold signet ring imprinted with initials 'PMcG', a size-32A bra, panty-hose, seven buttons, part of a bag of rat poison, a clothing label and a plastic toy soldier.
The vendor even knew about Kenneth's asthma and that he carried a signet ring around his neck.