signed English

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signed Eng·lish

(sīnd ing'glish)
A system of communication that is a semantic representation of English in which American Sign Language signs are used in English word order and additional signs are used for inflection; used principally in the education of children younger than 6 years old.
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Modes and styles include American Sign Language (ASL), Signed English, Pidgin Sign English (PSE), Total Communication, and oral communication.
Signed English is a system that uses signs to represent words or phrases in the English language.
Holy Angel's deacon-in-preparation, David Rose, who does some of the readings at the signed English Mass, will be the archdiocese's first deaf person to go through the regular diaconate program.
One of the crucial and still unsolved sociolinguistic problems is the transfer from signed English to BSL (p.
ASL is quite different from signed English, which involves signing each English word as it is spoken, using English grammar and structure.
Signed English also has achieved a significant position in the remaining schools for the deaf.
Many deaf people, especially young children, may also not know why the use of ASL was forbidden in the classroom for so many years, or why artificial sign language systems - such as Signed English, Seeing Essential English, and others - have been used in the classroom since the 1970s.
Some of these students may use American Sign Language as their native form of language, and still others will use Signed English, by which I mean any one of several systems of hand signs or shapes used in a way that approximates exact English grammar and structure.
The collaborative work of Carole Lazorisak (Deaf Certified Interpreter and Professional American Sign Language Teacher) and freelance sign language interpreter Dawn Donohue, The Complete Idiot's Guide To Conversational Sign Language Illustrated is the most "user friendly" instructional reference for learning American Sign Language and Signed English, as well as the basics of finger spelling and common signs used in a variety of situations ranging from simple greetings, to asking for directions, to dire emergencies.
Cowdenbeath boss Keith Wright yesterday signed English striker Presley Orhue who has been playing as captain of St Andrews University.
Queens manager John Connolly, named yesterday as Second Division Manager of the Month, has signed English striker Paul Hollier from Newcastle Blue Star on a short-term deal.
In Signed English, each word is translated as closely as possible, as in signing the readings during Mass.