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From a single platform, the EAGLE 5 ISS performs key functions such as signal transfer, signaling gateway and number portability.
The SC, SF and SD support highly scalable, hardware-based TLS and IPSec encryption for SIP signaling.
The Interphase Signaling Gateway is available as an appliance with NEBS-compliant telecommunication servers or as a blade-level solution in CompactPCI and AdvancedTCA platform architectures.
Inter-Working Function (IWF) - provides signaling protocol inter-working between the SIP-based IMS network and other service provider networks using H.
Service infrastructure DoS prevention: Per-device signaling and media overload control, with deep packet inspection and call rate control to prevent DoS attacks from reaching service infrastructure such as SIP servers, softswitches, application servers, media servers or media gateways.
The XO deployment expands Tekelec's successful partnership with TNS, which has deployed two EAGLE platforms in the TNS signaling network.
The link density, throughput and performance of the Adax Signaling Gateways have all been increased following upgrades to the communications controllers and software modules.
For more than twenty years, Adax has been the industry leader in high performance wide area communications and signaling infrastructure.
The signaling gateway products enable direct IP migration of existing signaling points, regardless of network architecture and are fully interoperable with other gateways, Signal Transfer Points, databases and legacy PSTN switches.
NYSE:BEC) today announced it has entered into a reagent development and distribution agreement with Cell Signaling Technologies, Inc.