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About 2,000 people nationwide sign on regularly to Randall's Internet Web site -- freewayblogger.
It was also the sign that marked so many comings and goings in their lives as Christians--Sunday Mass, nighttime prayers, mealtime blessings--a sign traced with oil and water and ashes.
SignBank also helps the deaf understand other sign languages.
Sign language teachers will find an impressive array of options for monitoring student progress.
At Shepered School, in Nottingham (UK), they constructed a collection of 3D virtual reality simulations based on Makaton and British Sign Language (BSL).
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute, I am writing to express TEI's opposition to legislation requiring a company's Chief Executive Officer to sign the corporate tax return.
In two meetings with IRS agents, H asked to sign the original return to correct the problem, but was not allowed to do so (apparently because W had filed her separate 1995 return).
When viewing signed sentences of a particular sign language, such as American sign language, 16 adults who grew up signing in that language displayed unique activation of the right angular gyms, say Aaron J.
A good sign system will include all or most of the following:
One frequently cited cause of audit failure is audit teams' lack of awareness of the warning signs of fraud.
Even today, educators, doctors, parents, and deaf people still argue over whether deaf children should be encouraged and taught to communicate through speech and speechreading only, in American Sign Language, in a modified version of signed English, or by a combination of methods.
Vital sign monitoring systems have been traditionally associated with hospital settings and have been viewed as complex multimodal instruments that assist clinicians to assess the fitness of an individual.