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Characterized by sideropenia.


Characterized by sideropenia.


(sĭd″ĕr-ō-pē′nē-ă) [″ + penia, poverty]
Iron deficiency in the blood.
sideropenic, adjective
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11] indicate that total volume of chorionic villi (terminal and others) of the placentas of the mother with sideropenic anemia counts 157.
According to our research data, there is statistically significant increase of volume density of terminal villis' capillaries in placentas of mothers with sideropenic anemia where it counts 0.
Our research indicates that mild and moderate maternal sideropenic anemia lead to significant morphological and structural changes in terminal villi.
SOURCE: A Botanical Source Of Iron Is A Well Tolerated And Effective Oral Iron Supplementation Therapy In Females With Mild Sideropenic Anemia.
The first retrospective study included 507 children aged 1 to 24 months with sideropenic anemia who were hospitalized at the Institute of Child and Youth Healthcare of Vojvodina, Department for Infant and Small Children's Pathology during the period of eight years.
Breastfeeding for more than six months of life without the addition of iron, early feeding with unmodified cow's milk or solid foods can be the causes of sideropenic anemia.
Both studies confirmed the significant role of breastfeeding in prevention of sideropenic anemia.
Serum and erythrocyte levels of magnesium in microcytosis: comparison between heterozygous beta-thalassemia and sideropenic anemia.
In elderly patients with sideropenic anaemia, re-examination of the colon should be performed early if the first examination is negative.
During a period of 18 months, a total of 197 outpatients aged over 60 years were referred for endoscopy to the Turku City Hospital for abdominal symptoms, heartburn, chest pain or sideropenic anaemia.