side effects

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side effects

Therapeutics Any result of a drug or therapy that occurs in addition to the intended effect, regardless of whether it is beneficial or undesirable Example Chemotherapy–Fatigue, N&V, anemia, hair loss, mouth sores. See Adverse effect, Anticipatory side effects, Indication.

Patient discussion about side effects

Q. Do they have any side effects? what are the benefit of drugs like Divalproex and Carbamazepine over lithium for acute mania patients? Do they have any side effects?

A. It’s a good drug for acute mania patients, but has not been found to be effective in patients with depression. Patients who did not not respond to lithium are benefitted by this. The side effects are weight gain and sedation, as well as multiple drug-drug interactions.

Q. Does it carry any side effects? I am pregnant and in my second trimester. I am having flu infections. I am prescribed with Sudafed. Does it carry any side effects?

A. sudafed is a symptomatical medication. and you can pass the flu without it. in it's instruction its recommended not to use it in pregnancy. so why use it? it's not like it's a life thretening situation and you can't survive without it. it's not worth the risk for the fetus if you ask me.

Q. Does Viagra have any side effects? My boyfriend started taking Viagra and now he has headaches. Could this be caused by the Viagra?

A. Yes, headaches are a side effect of Viagra. Other common side effects are facial flushing, upset stomach and a temporary bluish vision. If this persists, he should consult his Doctor.

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With Glumetza, patients do not experience a greater incidence of side effects at the higher doses, which may help them ease titration, improve adherence, and ultimately achieve their A1C goals.
Current experiences with the vaccine are consistent with a low incidence of side effects and accidental infection.
One of the most popular birth control pills on the market today is Ortho Tri-cyclen, which claims to have the beneficial side effect of controlling the hormonal imbalances that can cause acne.
Among patients getting warfarin because of irregular heart rhythms and other conditions, those with slow-metabolizing variants of CYP2C9 are more susceptible to side effects, such as severe internal bleeding.
Some vaccination side effects have been well documented, and vaccine makers have changed their products to reduce these effects.
Studies in male rats and rabbits have shown that this compound is effective as a reversible contraceptive and has few side effects.
Knowledge was assessed regarding the estimated incidence of 7 ADT side effects (diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, cardiovascular events, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, depression and reduced cognition) after 1 year of use.
Occasionally, side effects can appear after a person has stopped taking the medicine, while some side effects might not be discovered until many people have been taking the medicine for a long time.
After linking drugs and their side effects into a network, the researchers instructed a computer to predict likely new connections between drugs and side effects.
At baseline the participants completed surveys about their expectations regarding the side effects, and they were randomized to receive one of the two formulations.
We have known cancer survivors suffer side effects, especially those treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation, but we didn't know these side effects lasted so long after treatment," Dr.
He and his colleagues assessed side effects in 596 cancer survivors treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation for various malignancies (hematologic, head and neck, lung, alimentary, genitourinary, gynecologic, and breast).