sickling test

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the development of sickle cells in the blood.
sickling test a method of demonstrationg hemoglobin S and the sickling phenomenon in erythrocytes, performed by reducing the oxygen concentration to which the erythrocytes are exposed.

sickle cell test

A qualitative screening test for sickling haemoglobins, especially HbS. In the SCT, sodium metabisulfite or sodium dithionate is used to desolubilise haemoglobin S to the crystallised deoxygenated form, which causes the abnormal RBCs to sickle, as detected by light microscopy.

sickling test

A test that measures the propensity of red blood cells to sickle under conditions of reduced oxygen tension. The test may be performed by adding sodium metabisulfite to a drop of blood and examining the blood smear microscopically. Hemoglobin electrophoresis is an alternative test for sickle cell disease.

sickling test

The observation of a blood film, mixed with a solution of sodium metabisulphite, under the microscope. If haemoglobin S is present the red cells will assume a sickle shape within 20 minutes. See also SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA.
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Haemoglobin electrophoresis of 49 sickling test positive results was found to be sickle cell trait i.
All the false negatives with the sickling test were cases of AS (carriers), not SS.
It would cost USh 65 991 528 using the sickling test in eastern Uganda in the first 3 months in scenario B1 and USh 65 433 528 in B2, thereby saving USh 558 000.