sickling test

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the development of sickle cells in the blood.
sickling test a method of demonstrationg hemoglobin S and the sickling phenomenon in erythrocytes, performed by reducing the oxygen concentration to which the erythrocytes are exposed.

sickle cell test

A qualitative screening test for sickling haemoglobins, especially HbS. In the SCT, sodium metabisulfite or sodium dithionate is used to desolubilise haemoglobin S to the crystallised deoxygenated form, which causes the abnormal RBCs to sickle, as detected by light microscopy.

sickling test

A test that measures the propensity of red blood cells to sickle under conditions of reduced oxygen tension. The test may be performed by adding sodium metabisulfite to a drop of blood and examining the blood smear microscopically. Hemoglobin electrophoresis is an alternative test for sickle cell disease.

sickling test

The observation of a blood film, mixed with a solution of sodium metabisulphite, under the microscope. If haemoglobin S is present the red cells will assume a sickle shape within 20 minutes. See also SICKLE CELL ANAEMIA.
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All the false negatives with the sickling test were cases of AS (carriers), not SS.
Lastly, the authors state that our article advocated interpreting a negative sickling test as the patient being negative for the disease, with no further testing required.
In eastern Uganda, haemoglobin electrophoresis detected 50 AS and 5 SS cases, while the sickling test demonstrated the presence of 26 AS, 5 SS, the solubility test 13 AS, 4 SS and the peripheral blood film method 7 AS and 2 SS.