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v. sick·led, sick·ling, sick·les
To deform (a red blood cell) into an abnormal crescent shape.
To assume an abnormal crescent shape. Used of red blood cells.
Shaped like the blade of a sickle; crescent-shaped: a sickle moon.

Patient discussion about sickle

Q. Please precribe for me the possible medicine (treatment) for sickle cells. Secondly, my boy lost hearing at 4 1- I need to know how sickle cells can be treated. 2- My boy just surprisingly lost his abillity to hear anything at the age of 4.

A. are going through some hard's the hardest thing in the world seeing your children in pain. loosing his hearing could be caused by clots that were formed and destroyed the ear nerve. but it's unlikely it happened in both i would check it out. and about treatment- there are a variety of treatments, so i found a web site with them all. and even some that are still in research:

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Porteus says not all of a patient's original sickle cells need to be replaced with edited ones to effectively cure the disease.
Biree Andemariam, director of the New England Sickle Cell Institute at the University of Connecticut Health Center, has talked to her adult patients about CRISPR's potential for treating sickle-cell disease.
The Tuskegee experiment is fresh in a lot of people's minds even though that was decades ago," says Andemariam, who is also chief medical officer for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America.
After participating in the 90-minute course, which customers registered for in-store or on the Sickles Market Web site, it's off to a private shopping spree where, in addition to cheese, there is a full range of gourmet groceries, perishables, homemade soups and salads, and prepared foods that rival anything that Wegmans or the area's other conventional supermarkets can dish up.
But that's only a fraction of what sets Sickles apart.
We like to call ourselves a lifestyle retailer," Sickles says.
Sickles Market caters to that lifestyle by being ahead of the curve.
Sickles operates in the heart of the North Jersey Gold Coast, serving grocery customers within a five-mile radius that includes Red Bank and wealthy hamlets like Deal, Loch Arbor, Monmouth Beach and Rumson.
For a good garden center, people will travel," Sickles says.
Part of that success stems from the fact that Sickles Market has an open books policy.