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The sickbay, overseen by a medical professional, is fitted out principally as a treatment room with pharmacy.
But Rhys Williams' dream of winning a world universities medal were shattered when he failed to start his semi-final following a day spent in the sickbay, yesterday.
A horse-drawn cart took him to the sickbay in a village hall at Lasahn.
After an Away Team Mission goes awry, Riker (Jonathan Frakes) awakens in Sickbay to find that 16 years have passed and he is about to negotiate a treaty with the Romulans.
His concern wasn't so much over the strength of the opposition, or the fact that Rock Of Gibraltar was pitched against seniors for the first time, but the sickness that has routed a fair few of his Ballydoyle team, including Hawk Wing, to the sickbay.
Crusher examines a patient in Star Trek sickbay, she doesn't grab a tongue depressor.
Embedded into the fibers is an EPA registered anti-microbial agent that, on contact, destroys, bacteria, mold, mildew and other microorganisms that turn an office into a sickbay.
Surgical (set for sickbay, set to direktoskopii, set to the neck and salivary glands, set to tracheotomy); Endoscopes (2 pcs.
But Sam's health deteriorates and he wakes in sickbay with resident computer GERTY (Kevin Spacey in a pivotal supporting role), and no idea how he got back to base.
Half dragging, half carrying he got Bob to the sickbay.
Voisey was treated in the prison sickbay for a battered nose, bruised face and swollen eyes.
Surgeons had to rectify displaced discs and Ward's agonies in the sickbay meant the Black Cats paid nothing for his services, secured on a one-season deal in the summer.