shudhi (shōōˑ·dhē),

n in Ayurveda, purification; a technique used to remove toxins from plants and minerals used in medicines.
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Tenders are invited for SDP Nilackal providing ladder with Mnadapom attached to the Nilackal Mahadever temple in connection with Shudhi Kalasom and Kumbha Kalasom reg.
There are forceful conversions of Muslims and Christians in the name of Shudhi (purification) or Ghar Wapsi; and Hindu religious books have been included in the curriculum.
Among other issues that evoke a revisionist thinking on conversion, Pati stresses the paradox that the absence of a "system of conversion" within Hinduism coexists with Shudhi (purification rites), whereby one may be "re-converted" to Hinduism (pp.