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Henry J., English anatomist, 1761-1841. See: Shrapnell membrane.
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5 per cent in both 2014-15 and 2015-16, BIS Shrapnel said in its report, State Economic & Industry Prospects: NSW 2013 2023.
Despite the explosion, the shell remained fairly intact and the surviving shrapnel balls could clearly be seen.
Turban is rated 29lb superior but I think Mullins' charge doesn't deserve such a lofty mark and I'd be surprised if Shrapnel doesn't achieve a mark in the 130s this season.
In the al-Nusairat camp in central Gaza Strip, three other citizens -- two parents and their child - were slightly to moderately wounded by shrapnel from a rocket fired by an Israeli F-16 jetfighter as they were outdoor near their home.
Nevertheless, Shrapnel is a play that will not leave the reader unsatisfied.
She and husband Nick, 31, from Brydekirk, Dumfriesshire, initially thought their pet had been run over until vets spotted shrapnel in X-rays.
A PENSIONER caught in a shooting at her hairdresser's was hit with 13 pieces of shrapnel.
During the blast, shrapnel ripped through the driver''s compartment, causing massive leg injuries to Mrs Fabian, who still walks with the aid of crutches.
Collecting shrapnel was a fairly common hobby among the wartime youth.
English army officer, who invented the shrapnel shell.
These successful proof-of-feasibility experiments lead the researchers to believe that, in the future, such a robot not only could help treat shrapnel injuries on the battlefield, but might be utilized for such medical procedures as placing and removing radioactive "seeds" used in the treatment of prostate and other cancers.
A Second World War nurse injured in an explosion spoke of his shock after a piece of shrapnel fell from his mouth, 65 years later.