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Years of imprisonment, and the still heavier burden of general incredulity and mockery, have combined with the natural decay of old age to erase from his mind many of the thoughts and notions, and much also of the terminology, which he acquired during his short stay in Spaceland.
During Rostov's short stay in Moscow, before rejoining the army, he did not draw closer to Sonya, but rather drifted away from her.
On her leaving their house after the short visit subsequent to her marriage they were under the impression that she was ultimately going to join her husband; and from that time to the present she had done nothing to disturb their belief that she was awaiting his return in comfort, hoping against hope that his journey to Brazil would result in a short stay only, after which he would come to fetch her, or that he would write for her to join him; in any case that they would soon present a united front to their families and the world.
Consequently, if ever you come again into any room in this house, you will make a short stay in it if you don't behave towards that lady in your most respectful manner.
That's a very short stay, after so long a journey,' returned Mr Merdle.
Craven had never made such a short stay after a "tantrum"; usually he was obliged to remain a very long time and do a great many things.
Charges in the long-stay "outer city centre zone" will be PS8 for up to 10 hours and short stay, PS5 for up to five hours.
By changing the designation of the West Dyke Road North Car Park from short stay car park to long stay car park.
Changes to car parking in Mold include increasing charges including for disabled bays and the introduction of long and short stay areas, as well as motorcycle parking areas.
Drivers wishing to use parking facilities for more than 10 minutes are advised to use the Short Stay car park.
HERNDON, Virginia, April 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- BridgeStreet Global Hospitality - the leading international solution for serviced apartments - proudly announces a 10-year agreement with Short Stay Group in Amsterdam, one of the largest serviced apartment companies in Europe, uniting as the preferred provider under the BridgeStreet affiliate program in key European growth markets including Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris.
com)-- World Fashion Apartments - one of the Netherlands' leading providers of short stay and serviced apartments in Amsterdam - has opened a new office for short stay and serviced apartments in Eindhoven, it was announced this week.