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Measuring Effects on Intima Media Thickness: An Evaluation of Rosuvastatin Ongoing Trial. A trial that evaluated the effect of rosuvastatin on carotid intima-media thickness in asymptomatic patients with a low risk of coronary heart disease events
Conclusion The change in maximum carotid intima-media thickness for the 12 carotid artery sites was -0.0014 mm/year for the rosuvastatin group vs. +0.0131 mm/year for the placebo group (p < 0.001). Similar results were observed for segment-specific rates, except for the change in the internal carotid artery, which was p = 0.02
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The Intel Shooting Star drones are a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), specifically designed for entertainment purposes such as festivals and entertainment events.
BEIRUT: This weekend's night sky will -- to the naked, Earth-bound eye -- be filled with shooting stars for annual Perseid meteor shower, however only half the usual number of shooting stars will be seen during the peak.
At the conclusion of the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, Intel also ran a 10-second spot featuring the Intel Shooting Star drones morphing from the Pepsi logo into the Intel logo.
Friends of the Earth are organising a night trekking and observation of shooting stars on August 12, at 7.
But now I am undergoing chemotherapy again at the Shooting Star unit, which has been fantastic, which may take between three to six months.
From 2007 to 2010, 80% of the 54 young thesps taking part in Shooting Stars went on to land roles in one or more international co-production, Rose says.
Local stop smoking services were on hand to give advice on how to quit during the event at the Shooting Star in Coventry Road, Yardley.
Page 45 caption: the TO-1 is the Shooting Star vice Seastar.
After their exertions their house is hit by a shooting star that turns out to be an alien toddler.
I'd definitely recommend it to other leagues," says Shooting Star Mandy Kulchar, 14.
Kelly" Johnson (see "Kelly Johnson's 14 Rules") and used on every program from the P-80 Shooting Star through the F-117 Stealth Fighter?
For the shooting star of scallops, preheat the fryer to 400 degrees.