ship fever

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(tī'fŭs), In German, Typhus (abdominalis) refers to typhoid fever, not to typhus, which in German is called Fleckfieber or Flecktyphys.
A group of acute infectious and contagious diseases, caused by rickettsiae that are transmitted by arthropods, and occurring in two principal forms: epidemic typhus and endemic (murine) typhus; typical symptoms include: severe headache, shivering and chills, high fever, malaise, and rash. Also called jail, camp, or ship fever.
Synonym(s): camp fever (3) , jail fever, ship fever
[G. typhos, smoke, stupor]

ship fever

See typhus.

ship fever



Johann Valentin Edler von, Austrian physician, 1763-1818.
Hildenbrand disease - disease caused by Rickettsia, transmitted by body lice. Synonym(s): camp fever; jail fever; ship fever