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Paul A., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1896-1987. See: Chandler syndrome.
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The Truckers Syndicate and some ship chandlers have filed a lawsuit against the Port Authority and the Public Works and Transport Ministry which is currently being heard at the Higher Shura Council.
In Newcastle sail makers' premises, ship chandlers, furniture workshops, the Golden Anchor pub and many small shops were destroyed.
The event provides the most direct access to board-level executives and hundreds of international buyers, including travel retail and luxury goods buyers, airline and in-flight retail senior managers, cruise operators, border shops, seaports, hotels and spas, boutiques, restaurants, holiday and tourist destination retail, group buyers and senior executives, retail consultants, shopping malls and department stores, and ship chandlers.
Around them, more than 100 companies have been established with shipping related activities ranging from marine insurance, ship chartering, ship broking, financial services, equipment suppliers and telecommunications, to port services, transshipment operations, shipping agents, ship chandlers and ship bunkering.
The company is also targeting institutional business by supplying its frozen foods to premium flight kitchen service providers, chain of food outlets, ship chandlers and others.
Ship building had all but ceased by the time the railway came in 1867 and Penmaenpool, with its pub and ship chandlers, became a station on the Cambrian Railway.