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Paul A., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1896-1987. See: Chandler syndrome.
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After the hearing, the district court ruled that because Celebrity Cruises is a common carrier but Apollo Ship Chandlers actually employed Aydin, neither party was both common carrier and Aydin's employer.
Jewish merchants, ship chandlers, and traders in sugar, molasses, and rum have lived on St.
PPS), a payments company offering comprehensive prepaid solutions for corporations and consumers, announced at the Prepaid Expo 2011 that it has signed contracts for its maritime payroll product OceanPay[R] with International Cruise Management Agency (ICMA), Apollo Ship Chandlers, Inc.
Dubai Edward Rice and Ryan Luke shot a superb better ball score of 40 points to win the inaugural Dubai Creek Challenge, sponsored by Seven Seas Ship Chandlers.
True, we can fuel and victual them, just as many ship chandlers did in the past.
All manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, wholesalers and importers, out- of-state suppliers of alcoholic beverages, brokers, salesmen, warehouses, planes, trains, ships, ship chandlers and most every motor vehicle transporting alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts require direct licensing from the ABCC.
Having used the device while sailing, he was convinced it would be suitable for the purposes of site safety when he set about finding a ship chandlers that could supply the company.
Evening activities will be centered around a Grand Awards Banquet during which Finast Supermarkets and Apollo Ship Chandlers Inc.