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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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And it is now, when the shepherds are resting from their hard work of beating Mak, that they hear the angels sing "Glory to God in the highest.
The shepherds hear the words of the angel, and looking upward see the guiding star.
And so the pageant of the shepherds comes to an end, and they return home rejoicing.
For instance, in the Shepherd's play, of which I am going to tell, the first shepherd comes in shivering with cold.
In this strain the shepherd grumbles until the second comes.
The first two ask the third shepherd where the sheep are.
Then back will I go," says the third shepherd, "abide ye there.
Stiggins; and the topics principally descanted on, were the virtues of the shepherd, the worthiness of his flock, and the high crimes and misdemeanours of everybody beside--dissertations which the elder Mr.
It was with the daughter of Mr Shepherd, who had returned, after an unprosperous marriage, to her father's house, with the additional burden of two children.
His next bout ends in an easy victory, while the shepherd has a tough job to break his second head; and when Joe and the shepherd meet, and the whole circle expect and hope to see him get a broken crown, the shepherd slips in the first round and falls against the rails, hurting himself so that the old farmer will not let him go on, much as he wishes to try; and that impostor Joe (for he is certainly not the best man) struts and swaggers about the stage the conquering gamester, though he hasn't had five minutes' really trying play.
he thus gets rid of Willum and the shepherd, who is quite fresh again.
But the old gamester gives the new hat to the shepherd, and, soon after, the half-sovereign to Willum, who thereout decorates his sweetheart with ribbons to his heart's content.