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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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It has made her a best-selling author, spending five weeks in the Sunday Times Top 10 with her debut memoir, The Yorkshire Shepherdess.
Award winners Amanda Owen, former Huddersfield student turned shepherdess, and cycling legend Brian Robinson at the ceremony
The two sopranos were nicely contrasted: as the simple shepherdess Dorinda, the Kussian-American Yulia Van Doren, perhaps also a shade short of low-register clout, but (as always) utterly enchanting of voice and person; and her grander, fuller-voiced colleague, Dominique Labelle, as the imperious Angelica.
Bailero can never fail to cast its spell, but in this eight-song selection the essence of shepherdess enticing passing male was lacking, for all soprano Joan Rodgers's demurely seductive body-language and conscientious delivery of the Occitan dialect.
Charles had worked at the hospital as a porter and then as a barman at the Shepherd and Shepherdess and 25 years with Coventry Climax.
Meanwhile Paul (Lloyd Owen) meets a beautiful shepherdess called Iona (Kirsty Mitchell), while also trying to secure the future of the debt-ridden estate.
Dulcinea, the ballerina role, appears in many guises (devoted servant girl, proud shepherdess, guardian spirit, damsel in distress, Madonna).
Thus, for example, while Ganim returns in every chapter to a consideration of erotic elements in La Ceppede's poetry (sometimes with unfortunate conjectural emphasis, as when Christ rakes leave of his mother, meets with Mary Magdelene -- conflated with a shepherdess -- or is nailed to the Cross), his remarks do not extend to ot her configurations of baroque dialectics, whether in poetry (D'Aubigne or Teresa of Avila), painting (Tintoretto) or sculpture (Bernini).
THE breathtaking views seen every day through the eyes of a Huddersfield shepherdess will be enjoyed by everyone when she releases her first calendar next year.
Working with her own sheep, she became fascinated by the bond between shepherd and flock, which paved the way for last year's remarkable series, Wild Shepherdess.
A NORTH East shepherdess has become the first woman to win a sheepdog trial championship in its almost 40-year history.
COME BY: A shepherdess and her dog do their tricks CHEESY: This tasteless act DENT DO IT: A Freddy Mercury act goes the whole hog HITTING A LOW NOTE: There is a lot of skin on show courtesy of these fearless performers, main and above STRUM LUCK: There are even singers taking part EYE-AH: Marvel at acrobats