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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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Assembler Apel's shepherdess, for example, has a very distinct naughty facial expression, and the creases of her dress are very apparent.
Snowdon is wet and the work can be lonely but for a shepherd or shepherdess who loves sheep, sheepdogs and walking it will be the perfect job
Forsythe displays a lovely, high, flexible voice as the frivolous young shepherdess, notably in her mournful Act II "Se mi rivolgo al prato," in which she conjures a gorgeous, white tone (she has made impressions in the past in similarly soubrette roles, such as Barba-rina in Moils' es Figaro).
The poor shepherdess had never thought it would be like that.
The shepherdess knows that the difference between her status and that of the prince makes their situation hopeless.
A 22-year-old shepherdess was herding in the area of Umm Eneidj, (50 km) south of Nasseriya, when a landmine, probably left by the former Iraqi army, went off, killing her instantly," read the statement as received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
A man, typically assumed to be a knight, recounts to his audience his chance encounter with a shepherdess in a pastoral setting.
Bedouin tribal court in the Sinai Peninsula has fined a young Bedouin 40 camels and ordered that his tongue to be cut out for his making nasty remarks to a young shepherdess, according to Arab media quoted by the French news agency AFP.
His journey to a rich widow leads to an unexpected romance with a simple shepherdess from his own village in this star-crossed romance of ironies and missed signs.
She takes out her frustration most keenly on the haughty shepherdess, Phoebe (Charlotte Parry).
An Iranian minesweeper and a Kurdish shepherdess form an uneasy alliance during a raging blizzard in handsome, absorbing drama "The Tear of the Cold.