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Francis J., Canadian surgeon, 1851-1929. See: Shepherd fracture.
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They were concerned that the skills behind the original dressed stick - the shepherd's crook - were in danger of dying out.
Bergamasco finally received the shepherd's crook at half-time, by which point England were 22-6 ahead and the result was settled.
Bergamasco lasted just 40 minutes before receiving the shepherd's crook and by then he had directly gifted Riki Flutey his first Test try and England were 22-6 ahead.
Mr Davis said: "Mr Armstrong had been flirting with Little Bo Peep pinching her shepherd's crook after she had pinched his hat.
I went over with Claire and Christopher and probed the land with my shepherd's crook.
Stunning Shepherd's Crook Solar Lanterns Only pounds 29.
But there was an argument the manager should have wielded the shepherd's crook on his captain earlier, perhaps when he sent on Peter Odemwingie shortly after the hour mark and hauled off Fraizer Campbell.
Huw Bugail is also known for his craftsmanship as a shepherd's crook maker and has famously supplied Prince Charles and William Hague among others.
Carrying a shepherd's crook, Charles opened yesterday's rain-soaked event before watching sheep dog trials and demonstrations of shearing.
Instead he was presented with the award - a shepherd's crook carved by Aberystwyth stick maker Hywel Evans - by Farmers' Union of Wales president Gareth Vaughan during the Royal Welsh Smallholder and Garden Festival.
But by hook or by shepherd's crook, we'll get there.
As she honked her farewell song the sight of a silhouetted figure rushing across the stage towards her had me thinking my prayers had finally been answered for a stage hand with an extra long shepherd's crook to come on and drag her off by the neck.