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sheltie, shelty

a common name for the Shetland sheepdog.

sheltie eye anomaly (SEA)
see collie eye anomaly.
sheltie syndrome
see epidermolysis bullosa.
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For my eldest son, it's agility training and competition for his two rescue shelties.
Her change in fortunes came about thanks to a caring member of staff at the Birmingham dogs' home who thought the little dog would have more chance of finding a new owner if she was at a rescue centre specialising in shelties.
The veteran dog-breeder also has a passion for Shelties, the miniature Shetland sheepdogs, of which she has a further three.
She arrived early to schlep the dog gate and box of biscuits around back so that she could safely corral her client's three beloved Shelties before the buyer arrived.
Shelties are small family pets and they are never allowed out of the garden without us.
Your sheltie counts as pure bred if all his recent ancestors were shelties.
A wealth of nursing informatics information and two Shelties, complete with wagging tails
There is some resemblance, for both collies and shelties are Brits and from the Northern regions of the British Isles; however, our profiles are distinctively different.
We raise American Eskimos, Shelties and Bichon Frises so far and are in the process of building a large, mostly indoor kennel.