sheltered employment

shel·tered em·ploy·ment

(shel'tĕrd em-ploy'mĕnt)
An employment arrangement for people with disabilities in a self-contained work site, without integration with nondisabled workers.
See also: supported employment
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The Supported Employment Enterprises have hitherto been known as Sheltered Employment Factories (SEF) until the recent promulgation of the new Employment Services (ES) Act in August 2015.
He said: "They were promised that the resources that were being allocated to subsidise sheltered employment would go into more supported employment, and the Government hasn't done that.
The factories offered sheltered employment to people who for one reason or another may have struggled (more through the shortcomings of employers' attitudes than anything else) to find work.
Mike Maley, Oregon's Employment First Coordinator, declined to answer specific questions, such as whether the shift in state support to community jobs from sheltered employment would cut funding for services, and what alternative activities the state would support if people are unable to find a job.
The a priori hypothesis was that agencies providing only supported employment services would produce supported employees who would keep the jobs longer and receive less costly services agencies that offered both supported and sheltered employment programs.
As I have stated in the Assembly, although I believe there is still a need for sheltered employment opportunities for some disabled people for whom general employment is unsuitable, the factory closures follow an independent review of specialist employment support for disabled people carried out by the Chief Executive of the Disability Rights Organisation RADAR, which recommended that resources should be focused on disabled people themselves rather that specific institutions.
While mainstream jobs should be the aim for most there is also a place for supported and sheltered employment, he said.
We are doing everything we can to ensure that Remploy workers will receive a comprehensive package of Lucas support and guidance to make the transition from government-funded sheltered employment to mainstream jobs.
It's clear the Con Dems condemned the factories when they called in a charity who are openly critical of sheltered employment to conduct a review.
Vebego is a family company that operates internationally in the areas of facility services, personnel services, health care and sheltered employment.
It is restricted to sheltered employment workshops.