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The main driving force for the growing market is the scope and range of food preservation and shelf-life extension technology.
This breakthrough shelf-life extension was approved after completion of more than four years of real-time stability studies.
Demand for natural ingredients is growing in the North American shelf-life extension food additives market, as consumers increasingly opt for healthier alternatives to conventional antioxidants, which are perceived to be unhealthy if consumed over a long period.
Conventional HPP applications have focused on the inactivation of microorganisms for food safety and shelf-life extension benefits.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, North American Shelf-life Extension Food Additives Market, finds that the market earned revenues of $106.
Professor Regenstein's research work has focused on flesh foods, particularly fish and poultry, with an emphasis on meat protein functionality; shelf-life extension of fresh and frozen fish; product development with underutilized fish, especially mince or mechanically deboned fish; aquaculture; and by-product recovery (edible, and non-edible products) from poultry and fish processing wastes, especially fish gelatin.
For a product that is not seen, or necessarily understood, by the final consumer, development of food pad technology is driven by minimization of cost impact, balanced against delivering a highly uniform, substantive and precise absorption performance, which delivers the key benefits of product shelf-life extension and presentation," said Mr.
Among the topics are improving the microbiological safety of two chilled semi-prepared meals by gamma radiation, effects of gamma irradiation on lipid and cholesterol oxidation in mechanically de-boned turkey meat, microbial inactivation and shelf-life extension of Korean traditionally prepared meals, and consumers' willingness to pay for irradiated prepared ground beef.
Shelf-life extension could potentially yield significant cost savings in the event stockpiled drugs are not required for use within the typical 5-year shelf life.
Rosmarinic acid is also used for food preservation, for shelf-life extension and the maintenance of organoleptic properties.
The agency also plans to work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to determine the eligibility of future stockpiled products for the Shelf-Life Extension Program.
Under the long-term agreement, Apio will supply Chiquita with its proprietary Intelimer banana packaging technology on a worldwide basis for the ripening, conservation and shelf-life extension of bananas in selective applications on an exclusive basis and for other applications on a non- exclusive basis.