sheep dip

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sheep dip



Any of various liquid preparations containing pesticides into which sheep are dipped to control external parasites.


member of the species Ovis aries. They are classified into several types including merino, shortwool meat breeds, longwool, carpetwool, fat-tail, wool-shedding, Karakul. All domesticated types are characterized by a wool fleece.

Bighorn sheep
carpetwool sheep
includes blackfaced mountain, carpetmaster, drysdale, elliottdale and tukidale.
Dall sheep
sheep dog
sheep dip
see dip.
dual-purpose sheep
breeds generated to provide meat and wool. Include charollaise, corriedale, cormo, dormer, gromark, perendale, polwarth, zenith.
easy-care sheep
fat-tailed sheep
sheep-goat hybrid
mating and fertilization can be achieved but the fetus dies early or is aborted.
heafed sheep
sheep such as Herdwicks and Swaledales in the UK that graze the same area of unfenced hill area without shepherding, year after year, and teach this behavior to their lambs. Also called hefted sheep.
sheep itch mite
see psorergatesovis.
sheep ked
see melophagusovinus.
sheep loco
sheep measles
see ovine cysticercosis.
meat sheep
includes English Longwool breeds (see under wool sheep below) and shortwool or Downs sheep, e.g. southdown, suffolk, hampshire, oxford down, dorset horn, poll dorset, ryeland, shropshire and charollaise, cheviot, clun forest, colbred, columbia, coopworth, dormer, dorper, many indigenous fat-tailed and fat-rumped breeds, finnish-landrace, north ronaldsay, wensleydale.
sheep nasal bot
sheep pox
sheep sorrel
sheep tick
sheep ked. See melophagusovinus.
wool sheep
includes australian merino (including a wide range of strains and types especially booroola and comeback), cormo, corriedale, polwarth, sharlea, american rambouillet and English Longwools such as lincoln, leicester, border leicester, cheviot, coopworth, romney marsh.
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Essentially, the protest campaign has been directed at the use of a small number of sheep dip products containing OP chemicals.
He was just 500 yards from the farmhouse where the family lived when he fell over a fence and into the disused sheep dip.
The dangers were first revealed by farm workers who used pesticides in sheep dips and reported a range of devastating health problems.
Shiels had drunk the sheep dip from a bottle offered by a hunt supporter who was following the event on foot.
Shaun and his pals followed up with pinching the farmer's hot bath water to take the chill out of their sheep dip.
A two-year-old boy has been found dead in a sheep dip at his parents' farm.
Biological assessment is more sensitive to a wider range of potential pollutants such as agricultural pesticides, sheep dip, metals and the effects of acidification in rural areas.
The remaining 1,200 are farmers who blame crop sprays or sheep dip for their ailments.
It was once known in Welsh as the Sheep's Pool because before the advent of sheep dip, the flock was driven into the river and herded across by coracle men.
SERENEJ Norann Moran's Killarney boating scene SHEEP DIP nChristine Cooper snapped this little lamb at Dunaff pier, Co Donegal STUMPED nNoel O'Brien's fine composition from Dunmore East, Waterford A SHORE THING nA tranquil Glendalough by Joe Malone WATER SIGHT nCladdagh Bay in Galway by Sean Kelly SAND-SATIONAL nFamily day out in Belmullet, Co Mayo, by Mel Parsons STONE ME n The Dolman in Ballinskelligs by George Blackshields OH BOY J A day at the sea on Gola Island, Co Donegal, by Peg Sweeney REFLECTIONS n Lough Bunny, Co Leitrim, by Julie Williams KERRY GOLD nLighthouse at Valencia Island, Co Kerry, by Cillian Delaney HE'S A FUNGIE nAudrey Myers captures the thrill of seeing Fungie the dolphin off Dingle, Co Kerry
Among the obstacles in store for anyone brave enough to take up the challenge will be Zig Zag Woods, Toboggan Hill and many more before getting a dunking at the Sheep Dip Valley.
HUNDREDS of lamb carcasses about to enter the food chain had to be thrown away after it was discovered the meat was from animals recently put through a sheep dip.