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Sheep meat and milk were one of the earliest staple proteins consumed by human civilization after the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture.
American Blackbelly sheep tend to be smaller and grow slower than many of the sheep breeds that have been bred for rapid market weight and size.
The buyer, Saud Al-Tajel, also paid SR250,000 each for two younger sheep of the same breed, according to a local newspaper on Sunday.
Ms Parker, of LivestockWise, said: "Dogs are essential on many sheep farms but farmers have got to be careful when using them in the handling environment.
In 2011, University of Cambridge neuroscientist Jennifer Morton reported somewhat of a jaw-dropper, that domestic sheep performed similarly to humans and Macaque monkeys on sensitive tests of executive functions.
These operators were able to comfortably accommodate our producers and even though we have moved out of the sheep slaughter space, these operators are still unable to slaughter at full capacity due to the decline in raw material," she said.
Other favourites from her collection include her bluenose sheep, celebrating her love of Birmingham City, sheep saucepans and Beswick china sheep.
Earlier this month, the court ordered a stay with regard to culling of 21,000 sheep a Pakistani businessman brought here from Bahrain after the consignment was rejected by the Bahrain quarantine authorities.
Heavy earthmoving machinery, to dig up a big dump, is on its way to the farm where the sheep have been corralled", he said.
Farmers still gather the sheep down from the mountains for routine care such as ear-marking, shearing or to separate those to be sold.
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have trained sheep to identify the pictures of celebrities including Emma Watson, Jake Gyllenhaal, journalist Fiona Bruce and Barack Obama.
As for appearance, the Stone sheep typically has golden horns that curl down and back up and, in the larger rams, tend to flare outward and often retain the sharp lamb tips.