sharpening stone

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shar·pen·ing stone

(shahrpĕn-ing stōn)
Natural or synthetic stone composed of abrasive particles used to restore a sharp cutting edge on a calculus removal instrument.
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This protocol can now be used in future studies to examine different types of scalers and curettes of various materials as well as different types of sharpening stones.
This will keep the stone from clogging and make it easier to glide the blade along the sharpening stone.
Old, neglected hedge shears usually need a major sharpening (they're past the point where a sharpening stone will work).
Police who searched the flat found a knife sharpening stone on top of a cupboard and a black handled knife in a fireplace while another knife was found in a nearby garage.
Keep a sharpening stone or set of ceramic rods on the countertop as an invitation to Visitors to see, stop, talk about and buy a sharpener - or a new knife.
Limited Tenders are invited for Oil Resistant Rubberised Cork Sheet, Colour Chatney Green,Green Drill Backed Rexine Cloth French Chalk Powder,Grinding Stone Wheel, Sharpening Stone, Flint Stone, Welding Glass, Soap Solution And Chalk Piece.
Diamond has become the sharpening stone of choice for many knife users.
The sharpening stone may also be used to sharpen kitchen scissors, cleavers, spatulas, and mincing knives.
You can't always match blade angles with jigs, so if you want an exact match, use the traditional sharpening technique with a sharpening stone.
In a pinch, you can sharpen a dull blade by flipping over a ceramic mug and using the unglazed ring around the bottom as an instant ceramic sharpening stone.
Contract awarded for Hardware/Painting Materials 2 pieces Carborandum, Sharpening Stone - 6x2x1, 13 pieces G.
The historical method of using a sharpening stone can create a new edge, but will also require skill and extensive practice since it is very difficult to maintain a consistent or accurate sharpening angle by hand.