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Dental preparatory procedure in which a cutting-edge is honed or replaced on a dental tool (e.g., calculus-removal instrument).
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Not only will it sharpen knives, but grooves in the sticks can also handle pointed edges such as fishhooks and awls.
You don't need a power tool to sharpen hatchets or axes, just a sharp mill bastard file with a handle ($10 to $18).
With a push of a button, we're enabling maintenance or production departments to quickly and easily sharpen blades in-house, eliminating the need to send blades out for regrind or sharpening.
For a quick fix, you can also sharpen the blade without removing it from the lawnmower using the Dremel multitool attachment.
Set the Radius to 1 pixel to sharpen the fine details.
This course is terrific for anyone looking to sharpen his or her skills, no matter what corporate level
Precision Selling sharpens the focus of the company's general marketing priorities by targeting specific customers and prospects--concentrating on those worthy of the time and precise attention that will follow.
At the Gourmet Products Show, Chef'sChoice will introduce products that sharpen and slice.
Using a very coarse, black diamond stone, sharpen the outside of the blades with the bevelled edge.
Noticing that the joiner was cutting the nine by three inch-thick planks much easier than myself, I asked him to ``please sharpen my handsaw''.
Using a file freehand looked easy, until I attempted to sharpen my own saw a few years later.
It's time to sharpen our focus on five strategies to address these growing challenges.