shark liver oil

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shark liv·er oil

(shark liv'ĕr oyl),
Oil extracted from the livers of sharks, mainly of the species Hypoprion brevirostris; a rich source of vitamins A and D.
A vitamin A-rich fatty oil and ingredient in many OTC antihemorrhoidals—e.g., Preparation H
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The curative properties of cod liver oil and shark liver oil were known long before vitamins were identified and their therapeutic properties were ascertained.
Hemingway helped her husband heal by giving him immune-enhancing supplements such as vitamin C, shark liver oil, high-grade alpha-lipoic acid, milk thistle powder, multivitamin/multimineral formulas, as well as various enzymes.
Sharks are the only animal known not to develop cancer - and the Japanese love Alkyrol, a supplement which is made from shark liver oil.
Shark liver oil came to the attention of Japanese scientists after it was pointed out that fishermen regularly handling shark meat had particularly good, spot-free' skin.
The Company's main products are Siberian ginseng, shark liver oil and several other traditional medical products.
Deep sea shark liver oil extract for potential anti-cancer properties