shaft of humerus

shaft of hu·mer·us

the elongated rodlike portion of the humerus between the surgical neck proximally and the emergence of the supracondylar ridges distally.
Synonym(s): corpus humeri [TA], body of humerus
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Variations of third head of biceps may present as a group of accessory fascicles arising from the coracoid process, the pectoralis major tendon, head of humerus, articular capsule of humerus or from shaft of humerus itself.
11,12] In amphibians, reptiles, and monotremes three distinct parts of the coracobrachialis muscle are described: (1) coracobrachialis brevis (profundus), which is inserted into the humerus superior to tendon of latissimus dorsi; (2) coracobrachialis medius (proprius), which is inserted into the humerus inferior to tendon of latissimus dorsi; and (3) coracobrachialis longus (superficialis) or Wood's muscle, which extends inferiorly on the shaft of humerus bridging the median nerve and brachial artery.
In the words of Sir John Charnely fracture shaft of humerus is perhaps the easiest of the major long bones to treat by conservative methods.
after death from the Department of Anatomy and Forensic Medicine, after which we have done a prospective study of twenty cases of fracture shaft of humerus treated with minimally invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis from 2010 to 2012.
The position of humerus such that the resultant force of perihumeral muscle lies parallel to shaft of humerus, which help to minimize the muscle force and reduction is achieved easily.
Prospective study of management of fracture shaft of humerus with locking compression plating.
The development of interlocking nail systems for the fracture shaft of humerus has dramatically broadened the indications for intramedullary nailing.
They concluded that closed intramedullary Ender nailing could be performed safely in selected fractures of shaft of humerus.
Fractures of the shaft of humerus have been treated conservatively since ages, with good results.
The two modalities of internal fixation in fracture shaft of humerus are plate osteosynthesis and intramedullary nailing.
Internal fixation techniques were tried in all types of diaphyseal fractures, and with increasing frequency in fracture shaft of humerus.