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Here is a brief account of the sexual violations on the women by the Indian security forces inside the Indian held Kashmir.
In section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act many forms of sexual expression and experimentation, including kissing, mutual masturbation, or touching of genital organs, breasts, or any part of the body resulting in sexual stimulation, are considered to be a form of sexual violation.
Firstly, what is significant here is that the defence created in terms of the now removed section 56(2) (b) applied only in respect of a sexual violation and not sexual penetration.
137, 470) for the citizen girl, on the one hand, works within (and strains the very limits of) stage conventions that governed how and whether female characters might discuss their own sexual violation.
Regardless of whether a guard sexualizes the act of the body search, a prisoner may experience it as a form of sexual violation.
Even before she is given the Erzulie statue or before she joins the sexual recovery group, Sophie copes with her sexual violation with religious imagery as she "mouthed the words to the Virgin Mother's Prayer" while being tested (84).
Under the new law, sexual violations of men, women and children by a man or a woman are recognised as an equally devastating injury to the victim's physical, psychological and sexual integrity.
Last January a 15-year-old girl went to police with a catalogue of extreme sexual violation at his hands, a court was told.
However, the treatment of gender-based violence has been reduced in many contexts to the incidence of sexual violation of women.
Although, like Crowe, the fictional prosecutor has no solid evidence of sexual violation of the respective victims, he accuses Bigger of "obnoxious sexual perversions" (410).
In contrast, a particularly striking piece is Carmelo Gonzalez's "Rolling On," in which Gonzalez recalls his repeated sexual violation as a boy by an adult figure.