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usitatus was the least when the females were reared as larvae on lima bean with sexual reproduction (42.
Thus, the presence of archegonia is insufficient evidence to claim sexual reproduction in Cyrtogonellum fraxinellum.
complex phenology of Ginkgo's sexual reproduction cycle may well
They also learn that sexual reproduction is much more common than asexual.
I will demonstrate that this generic hybridism constitutes the visual vocabulary of Giger's critique of the discourse of sexuality and sexual reproduction in the 1960s and 1970s.
Third, it is appalling that the Roman Catholic church reveals through the teachings of these bishops that it cannot see past its obsession with sexual reproduction issues.
Some argue that the Adam created in God's own image was navel-less ( sexual reproduction only came on the scene after the expulsion from Eden and the navel is a mark of our fallen state.
If you are able to talk about sexual reproduction in the very early years when the time comes for more detailed discussions about sex later on the children gave a hook on which to hang the new information,'' she explains.
The title of a section on the first page, Sexual reproduction and asexual (vegetative) propagation, seems calculated to deter the less scholarly.
Read on to learn how Hwang's team tweaked the process of sexual reproduction (creation of new life by combining genetic material from a male and a female) to clone human embryos, and how his research may eventually be used to treat deadly or debilitating diseases.
Other sections of the book provide thought-provoking insight into matters such as natural selection, sexual selection, and the merits of sexual reproduction as opposed to asexual reproduction.