sexual perversion

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1. deviation from the normal course; a morbid alteration of function which may occur in emotional, intellectual, or volitional fields.
sexual perversion sexual deviation.

sex·u·al de·vi·a·tion

a sexual practice that is biologically atypical, considered morally wrong, or legally prohibited. See: bestiality, pedophilia.
Synonym(s): sexual perversion

sexual perversion

A non-medical term for a sexual act, activity, desire, lifestyle, etc., that is a marked deviation from the societal norm. Because perversion has a pejorative overtone, paraphilia is the preferred term among psychiatrists.

sexual perversion

A maladjustment of sexual behavior in which satisfaction is sought in ways that veer far from accepted cultural norms.
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Although no further explanation was given to clarify the meaning of either "sexual invitation" or "abnormal" sex crimes, the results of the first four years of treatment confirmed that "[hjomosexual, exhibitionist and other offences in which the recognized sexual perversions are concerned are mostly abnormal" and can be "considered under the heading of abnormal mental states," while those "guilty of assaults on women and girls, belong to the normal group of offender.
The joke (which is distinctly unfunny today) being that everyone from the office dolly bird to the buttoned-up secretary chooses to see this as a symbol of virility rather than sexual perversion.
Judge Cartlidge said: "He appears to have a sexual perversion by contemplating films of ladies urinating.
The push for the legalization of homosexual marriage is not only going to normalize what has long been known to be sexual perversion and a disease-ridden lifestyle, but it will open up the floodgates to an effort to legalize polygamy and polyamory [group marriages]," reads a recent article posted on the Web site of the antigay Christian group Traditional Values Coalition.
Excess mother-love, self-hatred and sexual perversion made Adolf a tyrant, although of course nowadays he'd end up judging TV talent shows.
Where the Greeks institutionalized homosexual behavior, sexual perversion was taboo in the Roman Republic.
The author relies on Kant's views on sexual perversion to defend the general thesis that Kantian ethics, in the hands of Kant, is cold and heartless.
Clive Barker's dark, horrifying vision of sexual perversion and family dysfunction.
Ihad been working on a novel there which contained many scenes of violence, cruelty and sexual perversion when God took hold of me and threw me against a wall saying he did not want me to carry on like this and, furthermore, it was people like me who were messing up his world.
Lacassagne argued that while sexual perversion may have an organic as well as a social and moral origin, it did not represent an insane loss of rationality and therefore could not be used as a plea against the death penalty.
His songs, autobiographical sketches of voyeurism, role reversal, and sexual perversion, are bound together with musical styles from electro pop to vaudevillian cabaret.
I would like to thank George Chauncey for bringing it to my attention that the Newport investigation targeted sexual perversion and cocaine use, see U.