sexual love

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sex·u·al love

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I find it very interesting that while sexual love is an important part of the Bible, no-one really preaches about it.
Prudential self-care informed by mercy leads some people to delay sexual intimacy, but gently prods others to seek sexual love that has long been an object of fear and dread.
Pope Benedict proposes to answer in a single context a number of very different questions--questions concerning God, sexual love, and social justice.
The stories also bring up other aspects of women's life experiences, such as the degrading feeling when a spouse abandons them for a younger woman and the effort required to maintain the bond of sexual love and the dynamic of the couple.
The kyriarchy would need to accept the value of the expression of sexual love as inherent to human life apart from procreation, and base sexual ethics on nurturing relationships rather than procreation.
It is a pagan idea to exalt disembodied love or to make sexual love the whole story.
Unlike Pertile, who proposes a replacement of sexual love with divine love, Psaki asserts that sexual love may also be sacred.
In The Act of Marriage: The Beauty of Sexual Love, coauthored with his wife Beverly, the LaHayes urge prospective brides and grooms to read the chapters entitled "Sex Education" and "The Art of Lovemaking" alone as many times as necessary before the nuptials and together during the honeymoon.
Linda Hogan's poem "The Creations of Water and Light" begins the book, and sets the stage for the book's literary take on sexual love (as opposed to the decidedly less literary approach taken by most books of erotica).
Several years later, in 1924, with Mead safely married to her high school sweetheart (both of them agreeing to "divorce on demand" and the "elimination of jealousy" in their marriage), she and Benedict began a "no-strings" sexual love affair that did not require a career-jeopardizing public commitment to lesbianism.
We expend much time and effort to insist God works only through Christ as we know him and that God is opposed to people expressing sexual love for one another except through our ways of showing that love.
In psychological terms, the Ancients were quite right to picture their Cod of sexual love as a mischievous troublemaker, ranking low in the divine Pantheon.