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Many campuses are striving to reduce sexual assault on campus, and I hope there comes a day when this epidemic ends.
The Freyd survey provides the range of data the UO needs to fine-tune and expand its response to the problem of sexual assaults.
Our goals are to avoid further trauma to all sexual assault survivors with compassion and sensitivity and provide timely medical and forensic examination.
In 2014, over 60 percent of women who reported a sexual assault perceived some kind of retaliation, often in the form of social retaliation by co-workers or peers.
A task force created by the White House has been advertising with a "1is2many'' campaign that is intended to drive home the message that sexual assaults will always be a problem on college campuses.
Furthermore, the DOJ itself has previously noted the weakness in its rape and sexual assault analytic methods.
Al-Tarzy also blamed state institutions for hindering the process of saving sexual assault survivors.
The apparent rise in recent years of sexual assault in the military has provoked outrage on Capitol Hill, where the US Congress sits.
Under Senate Bill 1191, any hospital with an emergency room must have physicians and nurses trained in a basic level of forensic evidence collection - a standard still less rigorous than that required for the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners that most primary care centers have.
VA: Air Force victim advocates provide essential support, liaison services and care to victims of sexual assault.
Summary: Washington: Under pressure to fight sexual assault, the U.
Air Force has offered some controversial advice to sexual assault victims.

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