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The Sex Purchase Act was pushed through the Swedish parliament by feminist legislators who argued that selling sex is inherently damaging, both physically and psychologically, and that no woman enters into sex work voluntarily.
A Swansea University spokesman said: "Funded by the Big Lottery Innovation Fund, the Student Sex Work Project, based at Swansea University, was the first study in Europe to reveal the motivations and experiences of student sex workers in the United Kingdom.
Shaver, Lewis, and Maticka-Tyndale (2011) state that police officers in Eastern Canada applied a twisted logic by refusing to follow up violence against sex workers in instances where the sex worker would benefit in order to demonstrate that sex work was harmful and to motivate exit.
Growing up as a street kid, resorting to sex work came naturally.
It also includes indirect sex work such as phone chat sex, web cam work, erotic dancing, stripping and glamour modelling.
Van der Meulen, Durisin, and Love's Selling Sex: Experience, Advocacy, and Research on Sex Work in Canada brings together an impressive collection of sex workers, academics, and activists to explore the multiple dimensions of sexual labour.
The case of Nevada, the only state where sex work is legal, demonstrates how lifting prohibition makes prostitutes safer.
This article presents findings from a qualitative research project that sought to explore the organization of sex work and women's experiences in the trade in a medium-size Canadian city.
Sociological and medical data on sexual practices and STDs is presented and interpreted, followed by sections on social control of sexuality, sexual violence, and sex work.
As a former prostitute, the 24-year-old is concerned about bringing shame to her family, though she says everyone in her village in the northeastern province of Issan--a poor agricultural region along the border with Cambodia and Laos--would assume, or simply know, she had to be doing sex work to send money back home.
Once a store clerk in Damascus, Layal has now turned to sex work in order to support her two children in Syria.
Before looking at issues around sex work in Thailand, key findings that have emerged from the literature in SWB are reviewed.