sessile lesion

sessile lesion (ses´il),

n a raised, wide-based lesion.
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We report a case of GCTTS in the external auditory canal in a 53-year-old woman who presented with hearing loss, fullness, and a sessile lesion protruding from the anterior wall of her external ear canal.
The naevus is a discrete, flat or slightly elevated sessile lesion.
Cystoscopic examination revealed a sessile lesion at the anterior bladder neck and multiple smaller papillary lesions throughout the bladder.
An extramedullary plasmacytoma can appear as a smooth and polypoid mass with a narrow base or as a broad sessile lesion that is often submucosal.
Twenty-six polypoid lesions, 7 sessile lesions and 5 wall-thickenings were detected with CTVC.
On cystoscopy, the sessile lesions appear friable and velvety, mimicking urothelial carcinoma in situ.
51) Endoscopic examination of GCT shows whitish nodules or sessile lesions that can be confused with hemorrhoids when they occur in the anal canal.
Examination under anesthesia with a 0[degrees] endoscope detected white sessile lesions on the right vocal fold and some areas of polypoid change (figure, A).