ser·yl (S),

A radical of serine.
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It was that type of visit that led to $20 million in gifts from Charles and Seryl Kushner--an act that moved hospital management to name one of its campuses after the couple in August 2014.
1994 Blue Light Induces Phosphorylation at Seryl Residues on a Pea (Pisum sativum L.
I WOULD like Anne, daughter of Betty Hollingsworth, mother of Dean and Alexander, address believed Benton, to contact me - SERYL SPICKER, 2 Kenton Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Among those in attendance were (left to right): Guy Voiron, project manager, Westminster Communities; David Dulberg, director of construction, Westminster Communities; Jason Gershwin, Westminster Communities; David Minno, Cedar Gate architect, Minno & Wasko, Jeffrey Freireich, managing director, Kushner Companies; Seryl Kushner, Kushner Companies; Livingston Mayor Renee Green; Sam Gershwin, president, Westminster Communities; Alan Hammer, acting chairman, Kushner Companies; Kevin Swill, president of Westminster Capital; Peter Klein, chairman of Livingston Planning Board; Councilman Steve Santola, Township of Livingston; and Michele Meade, Livingston Township Manager.