service agreement

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ser·vice a·gree·ment

(sĕr'vis ă-grē'mĕnt)
A contract between a school district and a family that outlines the provision of physical therapy and other related services for children with physical disabilities who are enrolled in regular public education.
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CONTACT: Rob Helsley for Automated Service Agreement Program, +1-804-986-0180, rob@getyourasap.
Whether a customer requires a partnership agreement with the majority of service handled by their in-house staff or a full service agreement with Toshiba service specialists handling the workload, the service agreement pricing never exceeds the original point of purchase pricing.
Intermec's Medallion service agreements have set the standard for service in the automatic identification and data capture industry for more than 20 years.
Kodak will contact Mammography service customers and offer them the opportunity to enter into a service agreement directly with Kodak.
announced today that it has extended the service agreement with United Oil Co.
Both bond series are secured by net revenues of the water supply system, including contractual payments from the City of Norton Shores and the Charter Township of Fruitport pursuant to a water service agreement.
Nasdaq:ITRAD), the leading provider of digital delivery and management services, today announced that it has renewed its service agreement with Plumtree Software, which provides enterprise solutions for organizations to create portals, communities and composite applications.
d/b/a Mesaba Airlines, operates as a Northwest Airlink partner under the new service agreement with Northwest Airlines.

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