serum marker

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se·rum mark·er

(sērŭm mahrkĕr)
Specific component in the blood.
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Studies using endurance training consisting of walking, running, aerobic dance and stair climbing have measured bone serum markers in both males and females (Adami et al.
Use of serum markers in screening and aiding early diagnosis of breast cancer
Given that no stand-alone markers for EP, including the markers examined in this study, have been consistently demonstrated to have superior diagnostic performance, analysis with a panel of multiple serum markers might be a solution to the problem of EP diagnosis.
For both types 4 and 5, the serum marker of a MI must be supported by either ECG or imaging changes indicative of ischemia.
The patterns of relationships between these serum markers and the measured GFR were very similar: as GFR decreased from > 120 mL x [min.
Prenatal screening in the early 1990s had evolved into the classic triple test of maternal serum markers during the second trimester.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Exciting new developments using a blood serum marker to detect cancer are being investigated in a longitudinal study in Libby, Montana.
Monitoring of this apoptosis-specific serum marker could be especially useful for patients with normal aminotransferase activity," they concluded.
He will further describe preliminary findings on the association between interleukin-1 genotypes and c-reactive protein (CRP), a serum marker of inflammation and a recognized risk factor for myocardial infarction and stroke.
As CA 15-3 is the most widely used serum marker in breast cancer, most of the review will focus on it.
David Hung concluded, "The prostate cancer indication is particularly interesting because we can use prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a widely used serum marker of prostate cancer growth, to follow tumor responses to get an early indication of efficacy.
In diabetic patients receiving pancreas grafts, the reemergence of anti-islet antibodies has been proposed as a serum marker for ACR (7).

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