serology tests

serology tests (sērol´əjē), diagnostic tests of serum usually used to determine the immune or lytic properties of serum.
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Contract notice: Exploratory call to know if the market offers a complete analytical system needed to perform serology tests necessary to the hospital carlo poma of mantua.
Cases with indications of the disease will be directed towards insurance and non-insurance laboratory referral and serology tests.
Historically, as in other areas of laboratory medicine, clinician requests for serology tests have been handwritten onto pre-printed request forms.
The high sensitivity of PCR permits earlier detection of acute infections compared to serology tests.
1) Recommendations that emerged from that meeting resulted in guidelines for the serological protocol to aid in the diagnosis of LD as well as recommendations for interpretation of these serology tests.
serology tests are not available within the Netherlands, but because of known serologic cross-reactivity, antibody detection for Fasciola spp.
WHO collaborating centers, all of them, will not take intellectual property right to stop the sharing of information and to stop or delay the development of diagnostic tests or serology tests," Chan stressed.
The groups consisted of acute hepatitis serology tests (IgM anti-HAV, hepatitis B surface antigen, total anti-hepatitis B core with reflex IgM if positive, anti-hepatitis C virus) and chronic hepatitis serology tests (hepatitis B surface antigen, total anti-hepatitis B core, and anti-hepatitis C virus).
The findings recently led the World Health Organization to recommend against the use of commercial serology tests in the diagnosis of active TB.
After extensive meetings with the authorities and veterinarians here, Dr Wernery said that a decision has been taken to put down a horse if repeated serology tests showed positive results or the horse showed clinical signs of the illness.
Many type-specific serology tests, such as the older enzyme-lined immunoabsorbent assay tests, can result in false-positive results because of problems with cross reactivity.
Those with a previous diagnosis of CD (n = 176), prior treatment with a gluten-free diet (n = 32), CD-related serology tests performed before enrollment (n = 235), or diagnosis of dermatitis herpetiformis (n = 3) were excluded from the study.