serial sections

se·ri·al sec·tions

(sēr'ē-ăl sek'shŭnz)
One of a number of consecutive microscopic sections.
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Staining was not seen in serial sections stained with the isotype antibody (Figure 1, panel E) or with no antibodies.
Although multiple histologic serial sections of the brain were examined and a brain squash performed and analyzed, no Baylisascaris larvae were found.
New street Alytus II serial sections from uvintas Street to the city limits to the installation of separation stages (stage III - Miklusenu from the street to the new Putin street intersections (including intersection)) reconstruction works.
Slide linking and side-by-side review enable rapid comparison between serial sections of brightfield and fluorescent samples.
Pathologist workflow enhancements - ability to create a worklist that gives pathologists the flexibility to work on cases in their desired order; the option to include gross images in case reports; synchronized image viewing that is ideal for comparing serial sections on a case with different markers; and role-based portals to ensure that individual needs are met for each person in the pathology laboratory workflow.
When the original SLN was reexamined by using new serial sections or immunohistochemistry, 8 (80%) of these 10 patients with recurrence were reclassified as having a positive node.
From the paraffin blocks 2 um thick serial sections were cut and stained using immunohistochemistry.
Serial sections from 14 specimens are presented in some 200 low- and high-magnification, grayscale plates.
15]N of serial sections along the Grauballe hair would seem to indicate seasonal variation in food intake, with emphasis on animal protein rather than plant foods.
In early studies, tracings made from horizontal serial sections (2) or photographs (4) were used to make measurements of various anatomic structures.
Serial sections 10 pm thick were taken from throughout the middle ear.
All trabeculectomies were examined histologically with serial sections.