serial passage

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se·ri·al pas·sage

successive transfer of an infectious agent through a series of cultures or experimental animals, usually to attenuate pathogenicity.


introduction followed by recovery of an infectious agent in an experimental animal or culture medium.

blind passage
passage of an infectious agent through an experimental animal or medium without there being any evidence, clinical or cultural, that the agent is present.
serial passage
repeated passage through a series of experimental animals or media, often with the objective of altering the virulence of the agent or adapting it to grow better.
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This observation supports that serial passage also influenced transcriptional levels of differentiation-associated markers in MSCs.
Reimann and colleagues were able to passage a simian virus in rhesus monkeys in vivo, with a needlestick, and after two serial passages induced lymphopenia and an AIDS-like disease with wasting and susceptibility to opportunistic infections.
And after an average 15 serial passages, that virus was irreversibly extinguished--repeatedly.
Was the outbreak caused by the FMDV used to challenge vaccinated animals, either the strain from Porton Down or the virulent strain resulting from serial passage in pigs which has escaped from one of the labs?
Bohn -- P 1103: Characterization of resistance following serial passage of Staphylococcus aureus in the presence of the novel oxazolidinone TR-700 and linezolid; J.
The results showed no evidence for the emergence of resistance in serial passage assays with Salmonella enterica versus the PolyMedix compounds.
Spontaneous mutation frequency and serial passage resistance development studies with ceftaroline (CPT) (Poster C1-185)(7)